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Classes at Sun & Moon

Our classes are carefully designed to have a positive impact on the lives of your students and help them develop Confidence, Discipline, Pride, and Tenacity, resulting in a feeling of ... "I Can Do!  No matter what age, our students are taught to focus and develop good training habits that translate into good academic, work, business, and real world practices.  Sun & Moon Students naturally develop Self Esteem from their training accomplishments, thereby making them more goal oriented in both their training and personal lives.

Sun & Moon Martial Arts Studio.  Bluffton and Hilton Head.

Youth Classes

Our younger student curriculum is designed to compensate for short attention span and less structured learning habits.  Instead of having 50 minute classes for four and five year olds, their classes are shortened to 45 minutes in which they learn to differentiate between play time and work time.

School age students are taught to focus and develop good work habits that translate into good academic practices. Our students naturally develop self esteem from their accomplishments and tend to set attainable goals both in their training and their personal lives.

Each age level has a custom tailored curriculum to fit the specific learning needs of its students; however, in each class, no matter what age, students stretch and warm up before doing anything else.  This improves flexibility and develops good workout habits. From there, classes are structured to improve kicks, punches, blocks, and forms (a set pattern of movements).

Obviously, strong kicks and punches are the basis of self defense; however, concentration and reaction are an integral part of defending oneself when in danger. Forms are a "blueprint" to follow that teach us how to use certain techniques and patterns for blocking and attacking.  If practiced enough, forms become reflexes and reactions that occur without thinking.  Forms would help in developing that ideal "state" in preparation for any self defense situation.

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