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Sifu Tim, founder and owner of Sun & Moon Martial arts.
Sifu Tim Quickmire
(Owner & Founder of Sun & Moon)
Sifu Tim Began his study of martial arts in 1974. He earned a black sash in the Tang Foon style of Hung Gar in the early 1980's. He continued his studies and earned his Master Level in 1989. He consistently won National and International tournaments throughout the 90's. Sifu Tim was ranked number one overall blackbelt in the World in 1995 by Sport Karate International.  In 1998 he won the National Black Belt League Hall of Fame Award.
As a Master Teacher, he trained and coached 9 students to the level of World Champion.  Having studied under some of the greatest Masters of our times, Sifu Tim is able to impart to his students what he has learned over the last 42 years and do so in a way that is conducive to learning. Sifu Tim has instilled in both students and teachers a feeling of pride and camaraderie.

The Sun & Moon Curriculum


Sun & Moon Martial Arts is a traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu School.  Our curriculum is carefully designed to help children and adults learn Kung Fu regardless of their current skill level. Although we have created a safe environment for everyone to learn self defense and compete in sport karate, Sun & Moon is truly a martial art and combat school.

Our students learn real life self defense and real combat techniques through the use of forms, partner exercises, weapons, and various types of sparring drills. Once students have become more experienced and reach a level of maturity they can add wrestling, throwing, and joint lock exercises to their martial arts training.

The curriculum for younger students at Sun & Moon focuses on developing different types of kicks, punches, hand techniques, blocks, and forms until they have matured and developed a safe foundation from which to grow and become more advanced in Hung Gar Kung Fu.

Sun & Moon Martial Arts Studio.  Bluffton and Hilton Head.
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