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Our Program Includes

Study Time

Snacks & Drinks


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Matial Arts Training
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Martial Arts Training

We Help Your Children Develop

A Successful Work Ethic

Martial Arts means practice, practice, practice, and hard work. This type of regular training helps your child develop goals and learn how to achieve those goals. Whether it's in the classroom or in life, your child will develop the skills, tenacity, and drive  for success.

Life Skills

During our After School Program, your child will develop social skills while interacting with other children. They will grow friendships, exercise, study with training partners, and learn how to work as a team.  

Healthy Habits

Learning to enjoy exercise at a young age is important to everyone's mental and physical health. People who exercise regularly tend to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Exercise helps produce a positive mental attitude, which of course can affect all aspects of your child's life.

What We Do For Parents

Life Is Busy - We Can Help

Office Space

We know that being a parent means you are constantly on the go.  Let us help!

Reduce Stress

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Life is very busy and it can be stressful. We will make sure that you have one less thing to worry about. Know that your children are safe at Sun & Moon's After School Program. They will be productive with their homework and engage in healthy physical activity.

Peace Of Mind

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When your children participate in Sun & Moon's After School Program, they are in a structured program. You know they will be in a constructive, healthy environment, geared towards the development of productive  habits for success in school and life.

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